Printed Board vertical fitting clasp(for SMT) AV-5 series

RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers

For details, please refer to the PDF file.

Part Number Adaptive PCB thickness (mm) MOQ
AV-5-0.6 0.6 Bulk (100 pcs/pack)
AV-5-0.6-T 0.6 Reel (200 pcs/reel)
AV-5-1.0 1.0 Bulk (100 pcs/pack)
AV-5-1.0-T 1.0 Reel (200 pcs/reel)
AV-5-1.6 1.6 Bulk (100 pcs/pack)
AV-5-1.6-T 1.6 Reel (200 pcs/reel)

There is an absorption film to the reel type.

  • Possible to fit 2PCB vertically.
  • Possible to flow current.

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