Mr.Socket AF series

RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers

■Part number

Part number Adaptive male pin diameter Package
AF-0.5(L) 0.45~0.6φ Reel (1000pcs/reel)
AF-0.5(H) 0.40~0.6φ Reel (1000pcs/reel)
AF-0.7(L) 0.60~0.8φ Reel (1000pcs/reel)
AF-0.7(H) 0.60~0.8φ Reel (1000pcs/reel)
AF-0.9(L) 0.80~1.0φ Reel (450pcs/reel)
AF-0.9(H) 0.80~1.0φ Reel (450pcs/reel)

Example of Bulk package part number : AF-0.5(L)-B (Please put “B”. 100pcs/pack.)

For details, please refer to the PDF file.

  • Possible to mount components without soldering.
  • After mounting, through-hole changes to socket.
  • Possible to mount by automatic mounting machine.

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