For two-tiered installation (fixed type) DG series

RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers

For details, please refer to the PDF file.

Part Number MOQ
DG-3 1,000
DG-4 1,000
DG-5 1,000
DG-6 1,000
DG-7 1,000
DG-8 1,000
DG-9 1,000
DG-10 1,000
DG-12.5 1,000
DG-15 1,000
DG-17.5 1,000
DG-20 1,000
DG-25 1,000
DG-30 1,000
DG-35 1,000
DG-40 1,000
  • Possible to connect 2PCB with 2-tiered.

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