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SHOW FEB. 7th -9th

Technology Trading Company and Shindenkizai of Japan are teaming up once again to bring you MAC8 Japan's line of ultra-precise miniature PCB hardware and board level components. MAC8 was a major hit at our shows. This year we are lucky to have part of MAC8’s Engineering Department joining us at our booth for technical Q & A’s. Manufacturers and designers from all areas were able to see the precision and uniqueness of MAC8's LED spacers, spring probes, B2B (board to board) connectors, standoffs, inserts (threaded and non-threaded), spacers, laser diode connectors, SMT Base, test pins, headers, wire wrap terminals, jumpers, test points, SMT screws and sockets. MAC8 fastener focused PCB hardware accessories stood out among the other products that were being displayed. Specific product information and samples are available for everybody that visits our booth. This year we will be featuring the MAC8 Test Pins and Test points as well as the unique taped and reeled surface mounted tapped spacers designed for auto-insertion and reflow. The MAC8 TH Series and SSB Series are the perfect solution for mounting CDMA modules with the least amount of hand work required. The SSB Series does not even require a hole to be drilled in the board as it is completely SMT.

Hand held products continue to gain in popularity; they seem to be the standard now. Many of the customers in the medical field have known about MAC8 through their divisions in Japan. They have found out the superiority of the material and sizing of the products. At the 2016 show, we didn’t have a dull moment explaining the features of each component that was examined. The intriguing part to us was that these visitors were not only from medical field, but from the audio/visual areas as well as many companies that are dealing with Robotics.

More attention from the visitors at our booth is being paid to each component's precise and consistent dimensions that not only save space but also save the time and expense of having to scrap or rework boards due to bad fit caused by the inexact tolerances of some other manufacturers with less stringent quality control. Higher quality end products with better yields can be realized with the superior metal content of the MAC8 components. MAC8 products are designed to withstand the corrosion associated with harsh environments and all MAC8 products are precision manufactured in Japan under some of the world's strictest quality control.

A good example of MAC8's considerate designing is shown by the MAC8 AF series pin inserts http://www.mac8usa.com/pin-insert-AF-lev2.php. Engineers that do a lot of R & D and prototyping are elated to see this innovative solution. The AF Series can also be used to mount LEDs without subjecting them to the high temperatures of soldering. Samples of these as well as many of the other MAC8 products, like the MAC8 tapped spacers, threaded inserts/spacers, test points, LED spacers and much more will be available at our booth. We can be found at Booth 4083. We look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to call us at 818 703 5103 or email info@mac8usa.com in case we miss sending a postcard with more details and free Resource Hall Admission.

  Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquires about MAC8 parts: info@mac8usa.com