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As of June 24th 2019, due to the lack of Market demand on LSB series (Chip LED testing socket boards) MAC8 has decided to discontinue making these.

The following part numbers affected are the following:


We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience in any current planning.
Description: Test point for oscilliscope (only Brown color is being discontinued)


Reason: The florine in the resin part of the brown colored bead can no longer be supplied
LTB (LAST TIME BUY) IS December 25th 2019
Description: Check terminal for super-small panel

Discontinued Part #Replacement Part #

Reason for discontinuation: The materials for this component are no longer being made. There is a very limited supply of these original parts available. So, if the parts are needed a confirmation of availability will be made with the factory.
August 1, 2017
Dear Valued Customers,We have been notified by MAC8 that because of the high demand of Phosphor Bronze there is now a shortage that is affecting the manufacturing of this CB series. Please see attached document from MAC8. Many of our customers are using this series; so, we thought it would be prudent to advise you of this recent communication from MAC8. Please see official document from MAC8.  
Notice for buyers of Terminal for hybrid IC [CB Series]"

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MAC8 North American Distributor
MAC8 has selected Technology Trading as a franchised distributor for North America. Technology Trading has been in operation for over a decade and possess more than 25 years of industry experience. Some of their customers include Raytheon, Solectron, Emerson and L-3. Technology Trading’s Mil-Aero/Government division Sunset Products International, provides service to several of the Army Depots as well as all branches of the U.S. Armed Services. MAC8 is Certified by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Important Announcement: HW and HR series Sales Terminal
The production of HW, HR series was discontinued in2008. Please contact us before all remaining stock runs out. click here for more info...

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MAC8 is a leading technology company and one of the most famous PCB hardware and accessories manufacturers in Japan. MAC8 Spacers, Connectors, Test Pins, Jumpers and Socket Pins are used by a myriad of industries. MAC8 has established a worldwide reputation for high-quality and uniqueness and has now established sales and application support in the USA.





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Because the MAC8 LMC series's features are very specialized and has had very low demand, LMC is discontinued and will not be available from 2019.
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  • Pin Inserts - these allow components like micro chips, capacitors, resistors, etc. get connected to the PCB
  • Threaded spacers - act as spacers and allow boards to be stacked or provide stand off
  • Test Pin for oscilloscope - acts as a diagnostic point (ie. Dell computer uses these Mac8 items to allow board testing)
  • Test point for auto insertion - functions as a surface mount diagnostic point
  • Tapped Spacer - essentially a surface mounted threaded spacer
  • Base - surface mounted metalic cylinder used as a contact, board to board connector